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Spring 2021

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On an Easter Theme

Wordsworth's Daffodils

Surprise in the Easter Hunt

More Easter Goodies

Elmhurst Easter Activities

Connecting with the Seasons

Simon's Poem

'Sheep may safely graze'

. . .and there's more!

Gallery of Spring Flowers

Love from Olivia from India

A bit of National Pride

St David’s day (March 1st) - St Patrick’s day (March 17th)

not leaving out Northern Ireland and England of course

Flowers of Scotland

Welsh National Anthem

NI Danny Boy

England's Rugby Anthem

Rossendale Memory Choir

Link to their Facebook page and twitter feed

A sing-along celebrating International Women's Day and Mothering Sunday

Welcome and Belle Mama

A warm up and then Bell Mama (a round)

Nana was a Suffragette

Written by Jules Gibb / Link to Lovenotes rendition

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

My Boy Lollipop

Pippa's Latest News

Pippa Shares Some Photographs

Bring a smile to your face

I want to go to the pub!

Whisky or Brandy

Friendship Clubs with a Difference!

Chimp and cubs

Growing up together

Unlikely pairing

Trip Down Memory Lane

You must be joking!

'Northern Lockdown by L S Lowry'

Copyright: Daily Mail / Cartoonist Paul Thomas

Many thanks for permission to reproduce this cartoon


Remember these?

Bad fur day!

It's no yolk!

The work of two men

Teaching? Stressful?

Walking down the aisle

Your next holiday?

Interesting Viewing

Two Stoats - An Encounter!

Busking Experiment!

Inspiring Paintings - 100 of the Best

Fabulous Acrobatic Performance

Designs in the Snow

Some Pictures to Intrigue You

Trip Down Memory Lane

Amazing! Isn't it?

Young and Old?

Can you see both faces?

Inspirational Thoughts

A Beautiful Flower

What Friends Do

A Beautiful Tree

Sending a Hug

What We're Missing