2022-04 April

Hope You Find These Interesting

2022-04 April

These might pique your curiosity

The Wow Factor

We hope you'll be amazed by what you see

Messing about with Dominoes

Triple Spiral

Weirdest Domino Challenge

New Record?

Optical Illusions

Furniture Illusions

Are these rooms real?

What do you see?

More illusions explained

Helicopter Rides

Grand Canyon Tour 2018

Niagra Falls Helicopter Ride

Home to Airport - Short Ride

Slow start - Take off at 2.20

Landing on a Tuna Boat

First 45s worth watching

Four Recipes

Light and Delicious Pudding

Easy and Fast! No oven!

Webspoon World

A YouTube Chef with Panache!

Chicken Six Ways

Better Than Real BBQ

Would you like to see more recipes?

Perhaps a page dedicated to FOOD

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