2022-04 April

All the Pretty Horses

2022-04 April

To go with Jim's Retired Farrier Story

To supplement Jim’s story as a retired farrier, we have included two special videos by Pam Billinge.

I met Pam many years ago. As a fellow consultant we were developing techniques to assist leadership development for senior management. Her specialism was equine assisted learning which I later used with a good deal of success.

There are two videos here: The first a lovely horse poem set to music, and the second an example of equine assisted therapy. It shows us how horses can help us with loss, grief and bereavement. Both are moving and a pleasure to watch.

Pam has written two books: ‘The Spell of the Horse’ and ‘The Spirit of the Horse’. If you are interested in horses, psychology, and horse healing, both are a good read.

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