2022-01 January

Musical Diversions

A real mixed bag for you here...

Stand By Me - Barbershop

The Buzztones

Stand By Me - A Cappella

A group in Central Park New York

Young Girl on Trumpet

Ability way beyond her years. What a surprise! 'She has a Herb Alpert tone already!'

Marbles Music

This must be one of the strangest musical instruments you're ever likely to see or hear!

Hand Clapping

They've sure got rhythm and discipline - which is more than can be said for the audience at the beginning!

Bohemian Catsody

It goes on a bit (!). You'll be amused if you know the original by Queen, but the full 5 minutes might be too much...

Some Dance Routines

Irish dance - Walking On Stones

Song and Dance Ensemble named after VS Lokteva

The Greatest Dance Sequence?

Nicholas Brothers

Honky Tonk

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle

Dirty Dancing

Time of my Life - Final Dance