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October 2021

Autumn Special

Classical Compilation for Autumn

Nearly 2 hours of music

Vivaldi - Autumn

(Most famous Autumn music... ever!

John Betjeman's Diary of a Church Mouse

(The poem is set at Harvest Festival time)

John Keats's Ode to Autumn

(Most famous Autumn poem... ever!)

Lots of 'Autumn Leaves' - a few versions!

Autumn Song - Van Morrison

(Chestnuts roasting outside...)

Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves

(Beautiful but sad!)

Early Autumn - Ella Fitzgerald

(Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra 1964)

Edith Piaf - Autumn Leaves

(Les Feuilles Mortes)

Eric Clapton - Autumn Leaves

Frank Sinatra - Autumn Leaves

Harvest Festival Service

More Autumn Goodies

Autumn Leaves